Karland New Sales

New Car Sales

  • Best Prices!
  • Hundreds of brands!
  • Thousands of options!
  • Let us represent you!

Lease Car Sales

  • Monthly Promotions
  • Expert Knowledge on Specials
  • Lease Return Service
  • Quality Finance Options

Karland Trade-In

  • Trade In your used vehicle!
  • Get competitive offers for your cars!
  • Ask about consignment services!

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Where do I start?

Karland Motors Inc is committed to providing great service and optimizing our client processing. Please fill out the start here form and we will be sure to respond within 12-hours or less!

What car brands can I choose from?

Karland Motors has sold thousands of new cars from many different brands, there are dozens of brands to choose from!  Just let us know which car your interested in and we will help broker an agreement.

How does auto brokering work?

  1. You tell us the car you want
  2. We search our wide network of dealerships.
  3. We confirm the vehicle add-on and purchase options
  4. We find the best price through our special fleet department line.
  5. Confirm the Purchase Agreement, Vehicle delivery, and Financing
  6. Car is Delivered to our location.
  7. Sign agreement, Drive off in your new vehicle!

What are the benefits through your auto brokering program?

  • We find and compare the best prices through our wide network of partners.
  • Choose from most car brands with thousands of options!
  • Let us assist and find any special rebates, promotions, or specials.
  • Don’t worry about negotiating, Let us represent you and to find the best price.
  • Multiple Finance options.
  • Convenient Lease return options.
  • Save your personal time and let us handle everything!
  • In-House Registration
  • Loyalty Rewards

Do you charge a fee?

Karland Motors is committed to providing great service and representation to our customers. We do not charge our clients a fee for auto brokering services. Our commission comes as referrals from what ever partner is used within each specific transaction. Each one of our partners varies in referral bonus and we do not favor one over the other.In fact, we are always committed to find the best possible price to our clients even if it means lower based referral for us.

What is the difference between purchasing a vehicle through a brand name dealership versus a licensed auto broker?

If you purchase your new car from a dealership, you are limited to your pricing options depending on the number of dealerships you visit. In addition, most people are not familiar with vehicle prices, packages, trims, rebates, and specials. Our auto broker have access to huge network of partner dealerships throughout Southern California. We have extensive knowledge with new vehicle purchase and lease purchase. Let us protect, serve, and represent you!